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Urban Cycle Skills Women Only

This course is for people who already have good cycle control skills but who want to be able to ride safely and with confidence on the road. The course covers the principles of safe road cycling, road positioning, starting and stopping, and making left and right turns, dealing with small roundabouts, passing a side road and passing parked vehicles.

The Urban Cycle Skills course is delivered over two hours, starting on quieter roads and progressing to busier roads as skills and confidence develop.

This course is designed to achieve all eighteen National Standard Level 2 outcomes, covering a range of key cycle skills such as:


ü  All National Standard Level 1 outcomes

ü  Completing an on road journey whilst understanding where to ride on the roads being used

ü  Being aware of potential hazards

ü  Understanding how and when to signal intention to other road users

ü  Passing parked or slower moving vehicles and side-roads

ü  How to negotiate a T-junction from every direction as well as performing a U-turn

ü  Demonstrate decision making and understanding of safe riding strategies and a basic understanding of the Highway Code

This course is for women only groups.

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