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Advanced Cycle Skills Women Only

This course is for those who are already reasonably confident but who now want to cycle more safely on busier and more complex roads.

We deal with traffic lights, filtering, multi-lane roads and larger roundabouts as well as route planning and preparation. The Advanced Cycle Skills course duration is two hours and can be delivered on a 1:1 basis or as part of a small group.

This course is designed to achieve all seventeen National Standard Level 3 outcomes, covering a range of key cycle skills such as:

ü  All National Standard Level Two outcomes

ü  Preparing for a journey – helping trainees to work out the best route for their journey that is still safe but maybe quicker

ü  Understanding advanced road positioning – helping trainees understand the use of the primary position for them in a variety of traffic environments

ü  Passing queuing traffic – helping trainees with the right decisions with regard to negotiating busy traffic conditions

ü  Hazard perception and strategy to deal with hazards – these differ greatly from quiet roads to far busier roads with more complex road features

ü  Understanding driver blind spots, particularly for large vehicles – helping trainees understand where they need to position themselves to be seen by drivers at all times

ü  Reacting to hazardous road surfaces – helping trainees with their decisions on best options for riding on hazardous surfaces e.g. roads with potholes

ü  How to use roundabouts – this is optional and dependent on there being suitable roundabouts for training

This course is for women only groups.

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